Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 23

a boy ws about 2 leave,
bt b4 he dd he gave hs grl
a dozn of roses.
11 wre real + 1 ws artificial
he told the grl, dnt cry
i will love u untl the last i dies...


i h8 da feelin of misin pipol
iv lost along d way,
but yet im not hopin dey wil return
agen, coz i knw 1 day il accept d fact dt
not ol thngs r ment 2 stay w/ me!.


only luv cb mke u cry
& only luv knws why
f ur nt ready 2 cry,
f ur nt ready 2take d risk,
f ur nt ready 2 fil d pain,
it means.. ur nt ready 2fall in luv...!!!


143 same as i miz u,what if i ask u
2-3-4-2-3 same as do u miz me too?
sme as do u miz me too?
i hope u ans. 3-1-2 same as yes i do!


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