Saturday, April 5, 2008

Inspirational Qoutes Texts Messages 36

Wen chnges cum 2 us we tend
2 let go of a few thngs...but even f ive got
so many chages inm y lyf now..
"No changes cn ever mke me forget you!"


my lyf doesnt din perfct
i dnt nid 2 b rich, dont nid 2 b famous,
as long as good person lyk u exist,
datz mor dan enough..!


Even dos tyms id swer i was ol out of smyls.
U gve me d fredom 2 b myslf & spek my mind
knowing i wont b judged. ur sprit of fun and
optism s rfreshng & a good.


wen i wnt 2 escape 2 a place wer i knw il b heard,
wer i cn cry and 8 wil b ok, wer i cn bmyself and
dat wl b ok,too..ol i hav 2 do s find u!


myb dnt rily knw u dat wel,
i dnt knw how u exactly act but..
doz thngs wl not kp me awy frm u..
coz doz r my rsons y imhir..
" to know u much btter"


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