Saturday, February 23, 2008

Love Qoutes Text Messages 18

lOvE iS nOt d oNly rEAsOn y A rElAtioNsHip
sTAnds fOr yRs oR tiL 4EvEr..
we mAy tHiNk dAt lOvE hOldS d rElAtioNsHp..
bUt wAt if, u LoVE 2 mUCh & 4GEt dAt lOvE cn aLSo
weAkEn,wOrSe or dEStRoY a sTRoNg rElaTiOnshp?
wE jZ hAv 2 rEAlyZ dAt lOvE sNt enUf..
d sEcReT of hAviNg a sTRoNg,lAstiNg rElAtiOnshp iS..
2 tRuSt d 1 u lUv & 2 aCcEpt hiS/hEr wEaknEseSseS oR miStAkEsS..
itS nOt hOw mAny tYmS u hAv 4giVEn..
bUt hoW u hAv sHoWn uNdErStAndiNg aNd pAtiEnCE...


wEn 1 lOSt d1 i lUv i wAs d 1 hU gOt hUrT
sO muCh bT hE wAs d1 hu lOst mORe..
4 sMEdAy, i cN lUv sUm 1 aGEn d wAy i lUVD hiM
bT hE wiL nVEr bE luVd aGEn d wAy i dID..


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