Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 32

leArN fRom diS: " bE vEry cArEfuL iF u mkE a wOmAn cRy
bEcAuSe GOD cOuNts hEr tEArs. evEry tEAr a wOmAn sHed
iS eQuivAlEnt oF mAn'S sAcRificEs iN lyF. tHe wOmAn cAmE
fRom a mAn's riB,noT on hiS fEet to bE sTeppEd on;
nOt on hiS hEaD to bE sUpEriOr,bUt oN hiS siDe to bE eQuAl.
uNdEr thiS aRmS to bE pRotEctEd & nEAr to hiS hEaRt tO bE lovEd..
"pLEaSe pAsS tHiS tO alL tHE wOmEn u lOvE & mEn fOr tHEm tO kNow
thE vAluE oF eVEry wOmAn.=Godbless


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