Sunday, January 20, 2008

Love Quotes Text Messages 14

There will come a time in your life
when you will become in love with
a single soul... For this person, you
would do anything and not think
twice about the hardships... But
when asked why, you have no
answer... You'll try your whole life
to understand how a single person
can affect you so much, but you'll
never find out.. & no matter how badly
you hate it or how badly it hurts...
You'll love this person without regret
for the rest of your life...


ur 1 of d pipol i nvr asked frm God but stil,
He gave u 2 me...I asked y and He sed: "coz
i knw ds person can fill ur life lyk no one else


There was a blind girl hated herself for being blind.
She hated everyone except her boyfriend. She said
that if she could only see the world she will marry
him. One day someone donated a pair of EYES to
to her & so she was able to see. Her bf asked her,
"now that you can see, will you marry me?" The
girl was shocked when she saw that her bf is also
blind, & so refused to marry him. Her bf walked
away w/ TEARS & said "JUST TAKE CARE OF


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