Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Visayan Funny Jokes Texts Messages 16

An elepant ask d camel "y do u hav ur boobs
on ur bak? D camel replied..
"wat a silly question frm sum 1 w/ a big penis on his face!..hahaha


A dying girl asked her man,"show me again
what heaven is like."The guy wept and then whispered,
"shhh...ikaw ba,bisag himatayon na,igar lng gihapon ka!..


hi! musta na
kmote kaihion,kau2ton
smyl sad beh!


Let your day be a day to move on,
do on,live on,can.on,bihon,mamon,
litson,bsta may on, lyf goes on!
oh come on...MAAUNG HAPON!


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