Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Greetings Texts Messages 8

Wat a beautiful sunrise..
It reminds us dat bhind d storms of lyf
thers a beautiful 2morow..Good Morning!


hu knws? later im GONE
so b4 8 happen let me say 'sory'
& 'thnk u' sory 4 d mstkes
i hav comtted thnk u being a part of me.
Good Morning;-)


Morning is a wonderful opputrtunity
2pray,2love,2care,2smile & to thank God..
4 all d blessings we received 2day..GOOD MORNING!:)


Pano ba ang tmang pgbati sa UMAGA?
GUD AM maikli
MGANDANG UMGA tgalog bduy
pde n kya pra sau ung..
"Can u smyl 4 me ds morning?.


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