Monday, November 5, 2007

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 23

And he said, 'Beware that you are not led astray,
for many will come in my name...Do not go to them'
(Lk 21:8)
Lord, when we find ourselves lost...and trapped in a
maze of doubt and confusion - may you be our light
amidst the darkness which surround us & guide us
back to your presence...Good mawnin!..


LIFE is indeed full of contradictions.
Sometimes it's crazy to be sane, you need
to fall to fly. People suffer because you
care. You have to unlearn to know the
lesson. You have to give up because you
are strong, you have to be wrong to make
things right. Nonetheless, life's complexities are
also life's source of beauty. We should cry to laugh
again. Fall apart to be whole again & get hurt to
love again. That's what LIFE is all about...


Whatever we ask we receive from Him,
because we keep His commandments
& do those things that are pleasing in His
sight. -1John 3:22...Never underestimate
His desire to respond to your prayers...


I pray that... whatever is beautiful,
whatever is meaningful, whatever
brings you happiness, may God
in His grace grant you abundantly
today & always...Gud mawnin!...


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