Friday, July 27, 2007

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages

God said:
f u nvr
flt Pain,
hw wd u knw
im a healer..
F u nvr
flt sadness
hw wd u know
im a comforter,
My child,
f lyf s prfct
wud u still know me..?


"Who shall sparate us frm d love of Christ?"
Nothing and noone! Jesus loves u, my friend. No
matter who u r or wat u r, He loves u! God Bless u!


John 3:16: "...whoevr believs in Jesus Christ shall nt perish bt hav enternal life..." a beautiful, enternal promise! That's hw much He loves us!


Wat good wil it n 4 man f he gains d whol wrld. yet forfiets his soul?
Jesus loves u, my friend. He died 4 u on d cross at Calvary...
make Him ur Savior Day.


No God - no peace.
Know God - know peace....
May God fill ur heart each day of
ur life & may His joy & peace
envelope u! God Bless u All.


GOD will shower graces more
than u xpected, not just bcoz
u asked 4 them, but sum1
around u prayed & wished
them 4 u! God Bless!..


Sumtyms we ask Jesus y cnt
we hav this nd that? He answers
"so dat u'l hav more of me. d less
u hav, u'll trust Me more..wen u
hav Me more, u'l hav ALL"..


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