Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Quotes Text Messages 231

“When you told me that you are IN LOVE with me, YOU’RE TOO LATE!
It is because I was already IN LOVE WITH YOU.”


“You may sometimes wonder why I keep forwarding messages to us. Let me enlighten you. We are all very busy, but still want to keep in touch; we have nothing to say, but still want to stay connected; we have something to say, but don’t know what and how to say it; I want to let you know that you’re remembered, important, loved and missed… so the next time you get a message from me, don’t think of it as just another forwarded text. But rather ‘I have thought of you’.”


Boy: You know you’re like the sun fro two reasons.
Girl: What?
Boy: First, you brighten up my day. Second, you’re hot!
Girl: How sweet! You’re like the moon na!
Boy: Why?
Girl: I wanna see you tonight!


“It’s so hard to be stranded by a love story.
Especially when you are currently feeling the near end but the story isn’t ending.
It’s much confusing if:
Today he loves you…
Tomorrow, he doesn’t care.
Tonight, you’re special.
The next day, you’re nothing.”


“If you asked me how many times you entered in my mind?
I’d be lying if I say ‘many times’.
Because you entered only once and since then, you never come out.”


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