Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 245

Trials are like FIRE

it can destroy or strengthen you,
depending on your character and outlook in life.
The fire that melts butter, is the same fire that hardens steel.


"The best way 2 walk every day is not only by walking with
a nice SHOES.

but walking w/ GOD...
walk not only by FEET but with FAITH in your heart."


Trials exist not becoz GOD wants 2 test u.
Dat is a lie.
he alredi knows ur capabilities mor dan u cud imagine.
Trials exst becoz u nid 2 learn 1 thing:



God is the author of life. He is the reason why certain things
happen. He holds destiny. He knows when. He knows why.
He knows u perfectly. He made you. So when your life is all
mixed up and things get heavier, trust him.
He makes all things beautiful and meaningful in his time.


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