Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspirational Quotes Text Message 239

G0D doesn't require you to

"Be the Best"

He just wants you to,,


and He will take care of the rest.


This is a true story..

An old man and his 26 years-old son were in a train

Every now and then the son says,

"Look dad! Cows!"

"Look dad! Its Raining!"

Then there was someone who said, "Excuse sir, why is your grown son acting like a child?"

The father said, "We just came back from the doctor..."
"..and this is his first time seeing things after 26 years of blindness.."


One day, God had a work for me to do.

He showed a rock & told me 2 push it w/ ol my might.
For many years, i pushed & pushed but nothing
happened d rock doesn't moved even an inch.
In discouragement, i asked God y am i failing.
D lord respond: ur task is 2 push d rock.
never did i mention dat u move it.
"NOw I, my child,will move d rock,"
Obedience to God s easy if we only know how 2listen.
He doesnt want us 2 suffer, He only wants us 2 learn.


Change what you Expect:
OUR EXPECTATIONS WIELD a tremendous power in
our lives. We don't always get what we deserve in life,
but we usually get no more than we expect; we receive what
we believe. expect good things from God. Even if
d bottom falls out of ur life. ur attitude should b:
I believe that u're going 2 bring me out stronger than ever before.


‎"life is too ironic to fully understand..
it takes sadness to know wat happiness is..
noise to appreciate silence..
and absence to value presence..


‎"When something is over, it can never start again,
when its broken, you can never put back the pieces.
Life is not always the way you want it to be.
When you know that someone is hurting you so much,
just stop.
We know that it hurts a lot, but you must learn to let go
Don't push your self too hard, cause we all know that in
every ending,
there's such a thing that we call a NEW BEGINING"


Happiness s something between too little and too much.
May we have just enough wealth to meet our needs, enough
poverty to learn to work hard, enough blessing to know that
God loves us, enough problems so we don't forget him,
enough happiness to keep us sweet, enough trials to keep us
strong, enough hope to keep us happy, enough sorrow to keep
us human, what we are is God's gift to us but what
we become is our gift to God.!


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