Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love Quotes Text Messages 227

“I want a chill relationship where we act as friends, but boyfriend\girlfriends at the moment when we need to.”


It’s better to hear “I have many choices but I choose you.”
than “I have no choices that’s why I choose you”


“Love sets no rules!”
It does depend on you if you would set your own limitation…
You can love anyone without any question.
As long as you’re following what your heart is saying.
It is like…
“I will never set rules in terms of loving.
I love you without asking condition.
I love you with no obvious reason.
I love you who you are today.
And I will love you forever resist me with opportunities.”


“If you love someone he could make you sad…
He\she even could make you feel lonely sometimes…
But that someone can also make you happier than you’ll ever be.”


“I’m suffering from the condition called SMS…


“Believe that a man is lucky if he was the first love of a woman…
But the truth is a woman is luckier if she was the last love of a man.”


“No matter how many cute faces you set your EYES upon, if you already have set your HEART for someone, you will find it hard to notice everyone.”


A four year old kid was trying to write:
Father: Son, what are you doing?
Son: Writing to my GF.
Father: Do you even know how to write?
Son: No. Its okay dad, my GF doesn’t even know how to read. Its love dad you won’t understand.


“The important element of closeness is communication, that’s the reason why my fingers are still pressing the keys of my phone because I don’t want to cut the line that connects between us.”


“Whenever I sent quotes it doesn’t mean nothing, coz sending quotes is my simplest way of saying I’m still here even if I’m not the one your expecting.”


“The best relationship is composed of an understanding girlfriend together with a loyal and honest boyfriend.”


“When you and your past meet along the road, it doesn’t mean you’re destined for each other. Sometimes it’s just a test of how you’ve move on.”


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