Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 226

“Appreciate life even if it’s not perfect.
Contentment is not the fulfillment of what we wish for, but an appreciation of what we
we have.”


Twelve reasons why we pray:
1. It encourages others;
2. It reminds you of spiritual value;
3. It gives hope;
4. It helps you feel better;
5. It allows you to let go of situation;
6. It provides comfort;
7. It relaxes and reduces anxiety;
8. It builds faith;
9. It deepens character;
10. It broadens your perspective;
11. It brings you closer to GOD;


“Always be thankful t GOD, especially for the blessings you’ve receive, you may not be as cute as me but at least you have face.”
“G-GOD is
O-our side
D-during the

I-in love and
G-guidance that will
H-hug you


“GOD gives us a loving spirits so we can be a true person.
Not just gifted with a mind that can understand but with a heart that truly cares.”


“PENGUINS are the only animals that can stay with the same partners for their entire lives…
So will you be my PENGUIN?”


“Never cry for any relationship in life…
It is because the one, whom you cry for, doesn’t deserve your tears.
And the one, who deserves you, will never let you cry…”


When a man and a woman have feelings to each other, it does not necessarily need to have formal relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend…
While both of you are still busy with your personal life, it’s possible that you could make each other as an inspiration…
No commitment, just a romantic bond.”


At times when I can’t take it anymore, I ask myself:
“How much worse can life get?”
Then I stop and say, “Much worse if I don’t have GOD.”


“The purpose of your time on earth is not primarily about acquiring possessions, attaining status, achieving success, or even experiencing happiness…
Those are secondary issues.
Life is all about love with GOD and with other people.
You may success in many areas, but if you fail to learn how to love GOD and love others, you have missed the reason why GOD created you.”


“Don’t try to understand anything.
It is because sometimes it is not meant to be understood, but rather to be accepted.”


“If you could only be mine when I’m dreaming, then I will spend the rest of my life sleeping.”


“Promise your self that upon waking up you will say:
‘Today, I will be too busy of being happy that I have absolutely no time to feel bad.’.”


“If you’re sad, you will later be happy.
When you’re dissatisfied, you will later be contented.
When you’re crying, you will later smile.
According to NEWTON’S LAW:
“For every action there’s an equal reaction.”


“GOD is the author of life…
HE is the reason why certain things we’re allowed to happen…
HE holds destiny…
HE knows when…
HE knows why…
HE made you…
HE knows you through and through…
So when things mix up and gets questionable, trust HIM…
HE makes all things new, beautiful and meaningful…
The rod is rough sometimes…”


You miss someone?
You want to meet someone?
You wanna be understood?
Explain you self…
You have a question?
Don’t like it?
Say it.
Like it?
State it.
You want something?
Ask in the possible way to get a yes.
…We just have ONE life. Let be simple and happy because life is always too short for regrets….”


Its always a blessing to realize u have still the chance
to wake-up evry morning..

even u have sometimes FAILED to PRAY evry night.


"u don't need to prove somthing to anyone just to win their favors,
because the real u will always be enough for those who really cares,"


A prayer can go where i cannot go,
Through prayers i cn be with u without being there,
i may be far but my pryers are always with u.


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