Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Love Quotes Text Message 216

I'm still hoping 4 nothing...

i still dream of someone who's already

i still look for someone who's busy with another one...

i'm still craving for someone who's not mine at all...

but the fact dat kills me is....
im still inlove w/ a memory..& its hard 2 let go...


Its hard to accept that the person i love
the most can't love me back..

i don't want 2 give up, but da pain weakens me..
how can i be truly happy?
wen my happiness left me?


Why is it that sometimes,

when we love someone..

we don't show it?
we don't let that special someone feel it?

is it because of our pride?
self denial? fear of rejection?
or is it because of the simple fact that
we tend to deny ourselves of the things that make us happy
just to play it safe and eliminate the possibility of getting hurt.


"A simple sign of stupidity is when you told everyone you
moved on, but when you hold a pen..

you still see yourself writing his name."


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