Thursday, November 24, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 221

“Real beauty is not what the eyes can behold but what the heart can hold. What we see with our eyes will vanish someday, but what we store in our heart will forever stay…”


“How will you know if a person truly loves you?
It is when he or she brings you closer to GOD…”


“We have two eyes and just one tongue, which mean we need to look twice and talk once… We have two ears and just one mouth, so we need to listen twice as much as e speak… We have two hands and one stomach, so we need to work more than we eat…
We have two major brains parts, the left and the right, and one heart, so we can think twice but love perfectly… Isn’t amazing that our body parts remind us how to live right?”


“Patient is not about how you can wait, but how will you behave while waiting.”

“I respect those people who hate me. In fact, my middle finger rises up to salute them.”

“JESUS is the most beautiful name…the name of our LORD GOD…”


“Obeying GOD sometimes seems like the hardest road to take but it is the only lifestyle that brings real peace and genuine joy.”


“You’re the one who made the heaven.
You’re the one who shaped the earth.
You’re the one who formed my heart long before my birth.
I believe you always lead me.
All my days you have my faith.
All you’re thoughts told me I’m holy, full of love and grace.
You are the one. You are Holy.
You are worthy.
You are the one everlasting…
LORD, you are the one.”


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