Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 202

“Be a person full of love.
Stay simple yet happy.
When things go wrong, don’t go blue, just pray and say, “I will get through…”
Always remember GOD loves us…”


“With GOD, we can take the choice and be content, take the tension and be calm, take the heart and be brave, take the obstacles and build FAITH.”


“To wisdom:
The task ahead of us is never as great as the power behind us.
-do not worry.
-do not be afraid.
-hold on.
-do not give up.
-be brave.
-be faithful in prayer.
-and don’t forget to smile.
Greater things are yet to come.
Expect great things from GOD; attempt great things for GOD.”
From the book of John 16:33 in the Holy Bible:
“..the world will make you suffer, but be braved! I have defeated the world.”


“God reserved something special for you.
There is more to your life than you ever thought.
There is more to your story than what you have read.
There is more to your song than what you have sung.
A good author saves the best for last.
A great composer keeps his finest from the finish.
And GOD, the author of life and composer of hope has done the same for you.
The best is yet to come…”


“We finally walked separate lives we realized that a moment spent without them is…
Like dying stars which slowly leave the sky empty.”


“When a boy smiling at you with a meaningful smile…
Without negative interest is a gentle smile of a boy.
Holy and pure…”


“Crying is the best way to throw away the pain from your heart...therefore, always think that there’s still beautiful tomorrow from the past days of your life…”


“A girl must keep her dignity and also a boy, because a girl\boy who didn’t know how to keep her\his dignity is like a bird that can’t sing with pure harmony and can’t sing with truthful melody…
And the most of all is we should keep our dignity with GOD…”


“There’s no distance in God’s heart…
It is because HE always wanted that our love with HIM will everlasting stay in our heart…
Remember that God’s love is holy…so open your heart to welcome HIS everlasting love for us…
Never let your heart as dirty as rug, make it sure that our heart is always clean…”


“The words of GOD make us strong even if we have always encountered trials in our life…
Those trials will make our faith strong into God if we know how to understand and be patient…
Every time we cry GOD comfort us and he show us how his love works in our life…
GOD never makes us feel always alone…
He is always there keeping his promise in our heart…”


“We have not failed a thousand times…
We just found a thousands ways that can cause failure.
Do not focus on failures but rather take its lesson and learn form it.
God is able to give you another chance for you to succeed by using your failure as a weapon for your success…”


“Every plan sometimes will fail…
It is because every idea sometimes will change…because the things in our life are unexpected.”


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