Monday, August 15, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 191

Girl: if i ask u to jump down, will u do it?
Boy: yes i will ..
Girl: Why?
Boy : because i know you’ll catch my hand and pull me up ..
Girl: if i don’t then?
Boy: Then I’ll die with the
belief that you tried your best but couldn’t save me ..

♥ Love is not about doing
something but about believing someone ♥


Two things you should never play with:
Because HEART is not a toy and LOVE is not a game.


dont force yourself to forget the person you love
never use other people just to forget him or her
cause you dont know how it hurts for the person
specially when he or shes already inlove with you


"A person who irritates you always is the one who
love you very much but fails to express it."


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