Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 192

There a lot of things in this earth. But there is only one thing I want to stay in my heart forever: “It is the love of GOD that he always reminding me that I am his child…”


“A smile makes us look younger, while prayer makes us looks stronger.”

“I may have failed a dozen times, but one thing enabled me to run the race of life, it’s when I saw JESUS at the end line, inspiring me to move on…”


“In facing life’s ups and downs, let’s always cling to GOD and dwell on His promises. Let us be like the finest bamboo, bending but not breaking…”


“Cheating is bad, as all knows.
But do you know that cheating is good?
Yes, it’s true!
Cheating is really is good!
It is really good especially in taking away your integrity and trampling down the dignity you have.
Is that what you call success?
Meditate on it.”


“Jesus is a friend who is close beside us.
Every tile we feel lost, His light will surely guide us and anywhere we go his love will always reach us…”


“Everybody wants happiness, no one likes pain.
But how can you make a rainbow with little rain?”


“Time is the most valuable resource a student has.
Don’t waste time; time lost is never found again.”


“No matter what we do, nothing profits without love.”
1 Corinthians 13:3


“I’ve committed a lot of mistakes in my life, I’m not a perfect person, but I’m trying to be. But, there’s one thing I did right…that is when I followed GOD in my heart…”


Hearing music tells you that the music is playing but listening tells you what the songs is saying…
There are times we hear but we forget to listen.


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