Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 182

"As long as GOD rules your heart
& as long as goodness resides in your SOUL,no sadness can ever
harm u...

LIFE will always be beautiful..


Sum pipol might say "Single persons have sad life"

no, we have friends dat make us happy..

sum might also say "nobody cares for us"

dat's also a lie, we have our family love us.

but do u know y i am single?

its because i am looking forward for a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP

at d ryt tym wid d RIGHT PERSON and not just for xperience..


Learn to see and appreciate the people who choose to understand you, with
or without problems...

try to think about this,

they also have their own problem but still they think
of the best word just to make you feel better!


GOD answers a prayer in 3 ways:

YES, and he gives you what WANT;

NO, and HE gives you something BETTER;

WAIT, and he gives you the BEST