Monday, July 4, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 180

if you fall inlove,
just make sure your loving the right person..
not just it's the ryt thing to do,

always rmmber

it's better to be single but inspired rather than
committed but confused.


Sumtyms, its better to b clueless about wats
happening around me, rader dan knowing evry bit
of information dat wud silently kill me..


Do u know wats hard about denying
wat u feel for someone

its da fact dat u can't admit dat
ur stupidly jealous
wen somebody else catches his/her attention...


f u ask me hw mny times u entered my mind

il b lying if i say many.

coz u only entered ONCE

"since den u nver came out"


you may hear nothing from me,

on how i appreciate you as you are,

but beyond that silence,

your love creates a beautiful sound
in my heart, that will last for a lifetime

just want 2 remind u dat i'll always be here
no matter how silent our rships becomes!


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