Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 180

“Everything is possible if you have inner peace…”


“Even if how strong you think your heart is, it’s still needs a rest that only God could give…”


“GOD loves us more than we realize…”

“There is a place of comfort sweet, near to the heart of God, a place where we are Savior met, near to the heart of God…”

Take time to PRAY and FAST- it’s a source of power.
Take time to read the bible- it’s a fountain of wisdom.
Take time to play- it’s a secret of youth.
Take time to be friendly- it’s a path to happiness.
Take time to laugh- it’s the music of the soul.
Take time to dream- it’s a road to greater vision.
Take time to love- its GODLIKE…


“When crosses of life seem so heavy to bear, don’t ask God to lighten your cross but ask Him to strengthen your back for you to carry it…”

“God will sometimes break the strongest bone in our life where we think we are very strong. So that from then on, we will say that the strongest part of who we are is God...not our career, not our family’ nor our friends, not who we are, but God.”


“Our heart is where God deals with us and reveals Himself to us. Our heart is where God speaks to us revealing His will, plan and purposes. Our heart is where we can see, hear and know God. Our heart is where Christ lives by the spirit. Our heart is where we have faith to believe God and Hi promises…”


“Perhaps you have tried in the past to follow Jesus and have failed. Perhaps you never learned to live a Christian life through God’s power, not your own. Whatever the reason for your failure, God has promised that if you come to Him in humility and faith; He’ll be with you and strengthen you. He means business with you, when you mean business with Him. He will forgive all your sins, and restore you, giving you the power to walk by the Spirit and not according to the desires of the sinful nature. All this is possible because of the sacrifice He made for you on the cross and the resurrection of Christ from the dead…”


“GOD is able to hold on to us, no matter what.
Lets remain in Him...”


“When you feel hopeless, always remember that God is there…always give love to us that greater than the universe he made…God love us so much.”


“Never beg people to stay against their will. Sometimes, the gift of goodbye opens up another door. Move on but don’t move away.
Life is too short to remain hopelessly expectant and always sad.”


“There will come a point in your life when you’ll get tired of chasing everyone, trying to fix everything. It’s not giving up. It’s just the realization that you don’t need all those you went after, because what you really need are those that stood by you even if you never needed them.”


“There is only one difference between a dream and a goal:
A dream requires soundless sleep to see, while a goal requires sleepless efforts to achieve.”


“As you breathe right now, another person takes his last... So appreciate your life. Stop complaining what you not got and start living what you got.”


“Sometimes, we realize to change for the better, just when the situation gets worse. We realize to finally correct our mistakes, just when those caused irreversible damage. We finally decided to prove ourselves worthy, just when the person whom you want to prove your worth has already decided that you’re not worth it at all…”


“If in school, lessons are given before the test. In life, most of the test is given first before the lessons…”


“A small dot can stop a big sentence, but few more dots can give continuity. That’s why every ending can be a new beginning.”


“A very sweet message that I learned from a fireman’s code:
“Whatever happens never leave your partner behind….”


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