Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 175


It's Me. God.

I will be handling your problems today.

I will be in control and will carry your
burdens so your problems will be handled.
Enjoy your day and know you are blessed.

My child you are never alone. If you deny me on Earth,
I will deny you in heaven. If you're not ashamed
of me send this to 15 people.

Watch what happens in thirty minutes!

Be honest and send th is to anyone who made you smile.


"We're all given the same number of hours
each day...

but the way we spend

each minute of those hours makes a great difference.."


Give ds a shot. Let's c f Satan stops ds 1.

Ol u hav 2 do s..

1. Simply say a small prayr 4 d prson hu sent u ds.

"Holy God, Fathr n heaven, bles ds prson n watever
8 s dat u knw he/she may b needng ds momnt. Amen."

2. Share ds prayr 2 evry1.
W/ n hrs, mny pple hav prayd 4 u & u causd a multitud
of ppol 2 pray 2 God 4 othr ppol.
Sit bak & witnes d powr of prayr!


There will be always people hu usually
IGNORE u in public

but still....

LOVE you in private..



y s Doraemon always on NOBITA'S side?

2 remind us dat der r pipol hu r willng 2 help us any tym
we nid dem!

y does Recca hurt evrytym he calls his 7 flame dragons?
2 show dat we must fil d pain 1st 2 bcum a strongr prson.

y does Naruto hav a demon fox on his body?

2 show dat we ol hav a bad attitude dat we must control.


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