Monday, April 4, 2011

Visayan Jokes Quotes Text Messages 99

Speaker: Who among u had
xperience 2 have sex with a
(a farmer raises his hand)
Speaker: Really? How does it
feel 2 have sex wd a ghost?
Farmer: Ai pastilan abi kog
goats! Pastilan!


A story entitled -TM-
best friend for 5 years
-nag text2x around 7pm-

Pedro: naa ko tel nimo
Maria: wat man?
Pedro: i love u..wud u b
my gf?
(wla ni reply c Maria)
Pedro: still up? love tka,
mg suicide ko ron ug di ka
mo reply Bang2x
(Pedro died @ 9pm)
Maria: i love u too! Yes kta
nah! Sori late repz kai d ko
ka send kalagot ning TM oi...

lesson: yaw panguyab og gabie
kai bz ang network


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hahaha .. buang2 ..