Friday, April 29, 2011

Tagalog Love Story Quotes 3

There was a boy who was very inlove with his gf

eventhough they were far from each other,

the boy wait for the girl.Before the girl came back

he receive a news that his gf will be getting married.

After hearing that,he cried overnight.After 2 weeks

he receive a card from the girl but he never open it

because he don’t to read the girl’s explaination…

The time comes,he went to the church not to

watch the wedding but to kill the girl.

He shot the girl,the girl died.After burial,he open

the card it says:”BABY”, ikaw mahal ko takas

mo ako before my wedding please.



s@r@&g0n! said...

i juz apprehend for these people ho made or composed gud tagalog and cebuano quotes,sounds exaggerated but it's tru..super nice talaga!..,keep up d gud work guys.././

Anonymous said...

haha.. umm haha. wrong grammar po kayo sa post. hahah XD