Friday, April 29, 2011

Tagalog Love Quotes Text Messages 83

Reasons why some people are single:

1.DESTINY ADDICT-umaasa sa tadhana

2.PERFECTIONIST-sobrang choosy!

3.BUSYBUSYHAN-mga taong workaholic

4.FRIENDSHIP THEORY-kung friends,

friends lang talaga

5.X to the NTH POWER-taong di maka

get over sa past relationship

6.FAMILY FEUD-takot sa parents

7.FOREVER BUSTED-walang nagkamali

8.HEART ATTACK-ayaw masaktan

9.WAITER-antay ng antay wala naming inaantay

Heheheh..saag category ka?


If you can’t forget someone,don’t give

yourself to anyone..

Accept the fact that your still not prepared,

because there’s no such thing as panakip-butas,

But there’s a word called unfair..


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