Thursday, March 3, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 160

it hurts to deal with a broken promise

yet, we dont' have the right to blame the person
who made it..

Because sometimes, they really tried their best to keep it

but when destiny comes in the way
no matter how hard they try

they have no other choice but to break it

painful btu can be healed



Why does cupid never grow up?
bnecause it symbolizes that love
never gets old. And why does
he throws arrows to the heart? to remind
us that true love hurts.

dnt stop loving..

I dont' expect to become the
most important person in your lives, that's
too much to ask. What would make me
happy is 1 day, if ever u read my name,
you'll smile and say:

"I miss this person."


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