Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 155

A DOCTOR can save my lyf..
A LAWYER can defend my lyf..
A SOLDIER can gve me a peaceful lyf..

But only u can gve me a



One there was a girl who felt insecure about her boyfriend's ex girfriend
whom she was compared to.

Obviously the ex girlfriend is more talented than her,
maybe even more good looking.

One night, she asked her boyfriend

"she's everything that you've
been dreaming of, why did you let her go?"
amazed, the boyfriend stopped and then smiled

"YES, she's everything ive been dreaming of

but you're someone i've been praying for..


have u ever heard of d term "PSEUDO-RELATIONSHIP?

ito un prang kayo pero hndi

u just treat each other in a special way but no
commitments are involved

wlang nanligaw wlang sinagot

ur mor dan frnds but ur less dan lovers

hndi ka sure sa role mo sa buhay nya

u can't xpect na sau nga ba tlga xa

bt why do others still settle for this kind of relationship?

4 fun? kilig feeling?

o pra lng may ksma habang wla ang real thing?..

love is crazy!


"sometimes you have to be very careful of me

bcoz i might fall into places where you
cannot pick me up anymore" :)


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