Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 138

wonder why God did not give us
d gift to read d minds of other
people? so we could have d chance
to trust and the privilege to be


with money you can buy
a house but not a home
a clock not time, a bed
but not sleep, a book
but not knowledge, see
a doctor but not good health
buy a position but not respect
blood but not life, sex but not


don't go 4 sum1 hu's always
tellin u how perfect u r, bcoz
ur not...find sum1 who will tell
u exactly wat s/he thinks of u...
sum1 who will tell u how irritating
& impossible u can be...sum1 who
gives complimnts at the ryt time,
sum1 who will laugh at ur clumsiness
but will still love u 4 it...sum1 who won't
be afraid in telling u d truth bcoz only those
person who can be honest & loyal up to
d end will last!!!!


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Sheey said...

thanks for a wonderful inspirational quotes.