Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love Quotes Text Messages 154

hu has d power 2 end a relationship?

da guy or d grl?

u my think dat 8s d woman hu has 8,
bt no.

n reality 8 s ' d man hu says 8 ol'.

4 once hs gvn up..


coz must women 'break 8 off'
only 4 d hope of a "SWEET COME BACK"


"I might get attracted easily to another person
But i cannot simply fall inlove..

..because someone else had already taken my heart



The more guys i meet,

the more i realize that 8's only u whom i want to be with


time goes by
and people change
but then do people change?
or we just got to know who they really are?

its hard 2 live alone
its harder 2 chus someone u Love.
but the hardest part of living s to admit
that u have fallen in love..

w/ someone u Expect
but cannot be yours...


wen we fall seriously inlove
we always wish that the feeling would mutually grow
and stay forever..but sometimes no matter how perfect a
relationship may seem and how many months or years youve been together
"people just change and forget their promises of forever"


dont be sad when you miss someone.

just wait till you see each other again.

& make another moment to be missed.


no matter how much you dont want them to go

you have to accept the cold, harsh truth.

that the people you can't live without

can live without you.


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