Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspirational Quotes Text Message 137

my life is made of strong seasons
some are short and others are long
some are joyous and some are sad
yet through each season - good or bad
just knowing that you are always there
make me feel a millionaire^^


‎"When you realize how hard it is to change yourself..

...you will begin to understand what little
chances we have of changing others..


never expect
never demand
never assume

my limits
where i stand
my role

get affected
get jealous
get paranoid

I'll JUST:
go with the flow
and stay happy


Lord as I thank you for the gift of life,
I also thank you for the gift for wonderful
people I have met along this journey.
Some of them inspired me, stretched me,
challenged me, loved me and encouraged me,
but all of them helped me realized how
meaningful & beautiful my life is. Bless
them with love, good health, security,
wealth, success, peace and joy. Grant
their too! May 8 be so... Be safe and
God bless!!!


Whenever you are stressed and about to give up, Remember,
STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards.
So it's just a piece of cake!


"People may not reward or thank you for your actions,
but when GOD is your reason for SERVING, your receive an even greater blessing in


Life doesn't get easier w/ age, it only gets
challenging. Don't be afraid ur dreams,
love if your inlove, cry if ur hurt. Don't GROW OLD,
just GROW UP.


I woke up & thanked God 4 lending me again
his breath & allowing me 2 enjoy his blessings 2day.

& i want 2 share 8 with u....


When no one smiles back when you smile, try smiling
at the mirror..

your best comforter next to God is yourself and not them.


May the good Lord continue to bless yo uwith things
that matter most in life "GIFT" of good health, happy
home & peace of mind everyday!


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