Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Story Quotes Text Messages

Der was a boy having relationship but txting another gurl.

F boy geln luv w/ his txtm8

Den d boy decided 2 break his gf.

He told his gf:”Bhe, I love you bt now I’m nluv w/ sum1 else”.

Den d boy hurriedly went home & texted his txtm8.

“babe im very excited 2 tel u dis, I broke up w/ her, ilove u so much!”

D gurl replied…

“how can u say u love me wen u olredi left me”



elprincesa_bella said...

ang sakit...
lumabas rin ang totoong kulay ng guy..
napakasakit ng ginawa nya sa part ng girl!

elprincesa_bella said...

it hurts..
the true color of the guy revealed!

Anonymous said...

owwwwwsss....di ko maintindihan kng ibang writing kasi shortcut