Monday, December 27, 2010

Love Quotes Text Messages 152

think twice before leaving a space in someone
heart coz its painful to realize in the end how
much you miss that space & decided to go
back only when someone had taken your place


A perfect partner in life is someone u can be
with & talk about anything without realizing
dat d day was over...Someone who will always
listen & feel twice d joy or pain ur going thru
When u start 2 feel dat "connection" never
let it go because der is more 2 companionship
dan 2 love only...because in the end, when all else
fails & are consumed, u hld on 2 those times
when you don't even need 2 hear d words


it hurts to deal with a broken promise
yet we don't have the right to blame
the person who made it because
sometimes they really tried their
best to keep it but when destiny
comes in the way no matter how
hard they try they have no other
choice but to break it pain is
painful but it can be healed by


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