Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 120

Whenever you are stressed and about to give up, Remember,
STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards.
So it's just a piece of cake!


Lord as I thank you for the gift of life,
I also thank you for the gift for wonderful
people I have met along this journey.
Some of them inspired me, stretched me,
challenged me, loved me and encouraged me,
but all of them helped me realized how
meaningful & beautiful my life is. Bless
them with love, good health, security,
wealth, success, peace and joy. Grant
their too! May 8 be so... Be safe and
God bless!!!


never expect
never demand
never assume

my limits
where i stand
my role

get affected
get jealous
get paranoid

I'll JUST:
go with the flow
and stay happy


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