Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 133

" i wOnder why everytiMe i fAll inlove..
heArtbreAks coMe..

iT makes me ask myself is there soMething pRinteD in my
hEart thAt reAds:
|||||||||| tear here??


++..why do thE words " i love you " nEed an answEr thOught
all of us kNow iTs nOt a quEsTion?! ..++


d girL reveAleD her sEcreT to hEr bf:

"iM nO loNger a viRgin iM sorry.."

d bOy rePlieD:
iTs nOt your virginiTy w/c i ask for ..
i dOnt neEd ur boDy.. ol i wAnt is ur lovE aNd cAre 4 me..
as loNg as wE trusT eAch otHer, i wil always love u.."

d girl huggd his bf n sEd:

jusT kiDding.. nOw i knOw how much u love mE. thAnk you ..


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