Friday, June 4, 2010

Friendship Qoutes Text Messages 55

der are only 2 persons hu can tell u the truth
bout urself:

an enemy hu has lost his temper,

and a friend who loves you dearly.


a true friend is not lyk d rain dat pours
& goes..It's more lyk d air,
sumtyms keeping quite
but its always there..

constantly hangin around..


if every beat of my heart is caused by friends hu r important
2 me.

I just wanna say..

"Thanks u" for keeping me alive


good thing about friends? sometimes they tell us the most hurtful
words yet with the best intentions.


God gave us friends so that we wud know d immeasurable beauty that
comes from sharing our joys with another human heart.
glad to have you as one.


Lessons from the ants:

No matter how busy they are in their labor. they manage to stop
to greet their friends.


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