Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jokes Qoutes Text Messages 42

A fat lady asked her bf what she lookd like..

d boy replied:
"you look like a GOD."

d fat lady smiled..

Giggled and blushed then askd"
cnung GOD? Aphrodite? Venus? who?

d boy lookd deeply in her eyes..
touched her belly and said..


The best qoute for students out there:

"I'd rather open my Facebook. Than to FACE my BOOK>"



Vanguard said...

Boy: myembro ka ba ng wonder girls? Girl: hnd,bakit?
Boy: kasi i want nobody nobody but you eh ! :)
Girl: ahy sa 2ne1 aq eh..
Boy: bakit nmn?
Girl: 'cOz i dont care eh. eh. eh. eh. eh. ... X))

Anonymous said...

laos na yan:))

Anonymous said...

di po god si buddha. :)

o0jopak0o said...

lol hahaha

Anonymous said...