Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 96

Always be happy & always wear a smile.
not because life is full of reasons to smile but
because your smile is a reason others to be happy.


"its hard to keep a secret especially wen the secret you're
keeping is exactly the thing you want the world to know"


God always repays caring acts.
It may not be w/ money or goods
more of ten HE repays w/ happiness,
Peace, Friendshiop & love!


Everyday God drops Showers of Blessings & Graces.
ONLY THOSE w/ a PURE HEART Catch them..
I always believe U r ONE f d BLESSED ONES!


Blesings r liek hugs from GOD
2 let u know how much HE loves u
Counting ur blessings s lyk hugging
GOD back...
May GOD embrace u all d days of ur lyf..


When God dcided 2 give me life,
He never randomly chose d people
i'll b w/ Insted, He picked d fines prsons
hu r able 2 give meaning 2 my xstence.


A difference in your life today starts when you make
a choice to move on from what happened yesterday


A short prayer 2 bgin our day:

"Lord, walk w/ me 2day, i have no idea wat lies b4 me.
B my strent 2 make da most of 8 & use it 4 ur glory..Amen.


Nothing compares in this world
than d love GOD has given us.

coz wemay find reasons why we love.
but GOD loves us
even w/o reasons..


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