Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 15

Do you know what's DIFFICULT to do?

it is to share jokes with a person.

while deep inside, what you really want is to
share your feelings.


missing someone isn't bout d time
u've not seen each other..
but bout remmbering d moments
u've shared together and xpcting it to happn again :(


it feels so good to have someone who knows how
weak and stupid you are at times,

and yet still finds you amazing, simply, beause
they love you..


"sumtyms no matter hw hard i treasure sum1,
he will nver treasure me back d way i do.

& sumtyms i have 2 b ok wid dat, coz
xpcting too much

hurts most.


Dr r songs dat can rili make u cry
& sad wen u hear dem.

but its actually not d song dat makes u cry
its d people & things dat cum 1st 2 ur mind wen u hir dem."


You can tell if that person is someone special.
coz no matter what kind of mood you are in,
that person can always manage
to make you smile.


"Sometimes we let affection go unspoken...
Sometimes we can't find words
to tell our feelings, especially towards
those we love the best."


"love can't always be measure by how long you wait..

Its about how will you understand why you are waiting.."


Why is it that when i already gathered all
the reasons to let HIM go..

..suddenly He acts and proves to me that I really should not."


sumtyms gudbye bcomes a neccesity..

not bcoz u just want 2 b free from commitments,

nd b free 2 flirt w/ any1 you'd lyk..

bt it is accepting da fact that you just too
tired of fighting 4 sumthing dat isn't
meant 2 be..

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