Saturday, March 20, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 114

"Oftentimes, people deny what
they really feel inside..

but how can someone deny if actions can show
what they try to hide"..


it's sweet if your love finds time to say


behind his/her busy schedule..

but it's sweeter if he/she could find a time
to surprise you when you least expect it..


if you are happy, you will rmmber d person
whom u love"
if you are sad, u will rmmber d person who loves u,


"der are times wen i want 2 tell the world
how much i love som1..

but its 2 late..

the world already knows how much he love someone else.;(


two things that hurts:

"when someone loves u but does not tell u..


when someone does not love you but keeps on telling you.


sumtyms, no matter hw much u lyk 1 anoder,

der r things dt kip u for becumin 2geder.

mybe u just have 2 accpt da fact dat der are certain
thngs dat have happned dat will 4ever kip u as,

"just friends" :(


I don't understand y destiny allowed sum people
to meet,

when derz no way for them to be together.'



BF & GF walking around the mall when a flirt
come rushing towards them..

FLIRT: hi handsome!.. im Trish, & u are?

BF: Im Her's ..!


someone asked me,
"how to avoid pain?"

i laughed, then answered slowly..

It's easy, Just open your eyes,
then close your heart.


To share what is best,
to hear what is hurting.
to do what is hardly possible.
& to understand w/out judging
is d miracle of love & friendship


"unlike BEER,

LOVE is not good wen it's cold."


"when a person cannot answer directly
to your question


The answer is too painful for you to know
or too hard them to admit.


"I never regret loving stupid person in the past..

at last they wasted it".


isnt 8 unusual 2 fol 4 sum1
u tot ud never lyk?
luvs lyk dat,
8 nver tels u wn 2 fol 8 hw will catch u..

8 just cums & wt hurts more..

8 wont eve tel wen 8'll go..


"you always take my heart away &
everytime my heart grows back, you manage
to steal it again, leaving me alive, but hurting."


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