Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Qoutes Text Messages 110

Often times we say its over,
enough is enough and its time to let go,
pain is all gone,and tie to move on.
But upon seeing the person you love,
One look,
One smile,
And you know again
You would fall in love.


Wen i was a child, my mother used 2 cure
my wounds w/ d alcohol on her side
now dat i can cure myself alone,
I jst drink alcohol 2 let d pain inside me heal


do you know what's DIFFICULT to do?

it is to share jokes with a person..
while deep inside, what you really want is to
share your feelings..


sad but true
you can always forgive
the people who hurt and make u look stupid,
but you can never forget
what they did.


"you leave someone for the new one..
then, the new one leaves you for the old one.."
though game, yet fair enough..


"There are moments is my life that I will
always remmber, not because they were important,
but because..



Just because ur not commited in any romantic
relationship doesn't mean it could keep u away from..



"8 always dpends on how a woman carries a relationship
dat makes a man stay..

& 8 always dpends on how a man shows CONSISTENT LOVE
dat makes a woman stay.


most hurful words that you don't want to hear:

"i didn't ask you to love me..

so don't expect me to love you back."


you should not be sorry bout love.

rather, it should make you wonder.

that if you were once happy w/ the wrong one.

how much more when the right one comes?


it's weird how love strikes u at the most unexpected
time and some way

it disappears at exactly d moment u are ready
to face it..



miles said...

Hay all your jokes are corny put the ones that are funny

Anonymous said...

bitterness is next to ugliness..