Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspirational Qoutes Text Messages 89

Life always gives you back wat you give out..
its a mirror of your own actions..
your life is not a coincidence,
but an echo of your own doings..


"as u get older, every choice dat u mke defyns
wat prson ur gona turn into..
& evry once in a wyl, u nid 2 luk at urslf
& ask f u lyk d prson ur bcomng"


"Feelings are also living things, they live inside the heart of
the person..and like other living things, they also die for
different reasons."


"a sense of purpose is the best driving force to live"

when u have a reason to live, u will nver have a
reason to quit..


DECISIONS are the hardest thing to make..
Especially wen it's a choice between where
you should be and where you want to be.


It's in front of you,It's beside you.
It's behind you. It's around you.
It's just a matter of APPRECIATION.

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