Monday, December 7, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 106

Don't tie ur heart to a person who has nothing to offer u..

U may say you're in love..
U might even say he/she's your soulmate..

But is that enough to fill ur need for love?

Let go..

It might hurt for a while..
But when u get over it..You'll find its for the better.


U can hide d pain dat u fil & make
ader tink dat u can move on..
But u can never deny d truth dat d person hu failed
& hurt u..

S stil d same prson u wish 2 luv u..


"Bakit nman ako mlulungkot kung single ako...

Kung lhat nman ng taken ako ang gusto..


Sumtyms we say Gudbye

2 d 1 we Luv w/o wanting 2..
bt dat doesnt min we stop 2 luv & care coz
sumtyms GOODBYE is dat most painful way of
saying "I LUV U:


Sumday a past luv will come back to you and will say:

"i still luv u"..

and u'll smile and say..

"i knw but i just don't care anymore"..

8s hard 2 falln luv agenwen ur stil attach 2 ur past..
U must learn 2 let go & open ur hart 2 sum1else,
8s not easy 2 do but u just hav 2..


It is not true that beer makes u fat!
It actually makes u lean..

Lean on walls, lean on doors,

and lean on the person u like..


"Never feel empty when the person you love turns you down..

coz not all people are smart enough to appreciate you..


GIRL: don't make me feel dat im selfush jerk js bcuz
i made u cry!

GUY: den don't make me feel like i did nothing 4 u
wen i almost die crying jst 2 see u smile..


The bad thing n saying i love you s wen u
don't get an i love you too.

worse s wen u expected an i love u too, but the answer s THANK YOU!


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