Monday, November 9, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 105

You should think that even how a person loves you,

consider the fact that you're not the only one who could
make him/her happy.


Finding perfect love?

Dr s no prfect love...

D only thing u can do 2
make 8 somhow

s 2 b..

Satisfied w/ one..


u can miz sum1 hud died,

even sum1 hu moved away..

but the worst is, to miz sum1
who's just around..
but dey's not missng u at all..


wen boys got jealous, its normal,

when girls got jealous, lucky the boys
she loves, you know why?

only few girls know how to be loyal..


A little jealousy is nice in a realtionship..


for 8s always nice to know,

that someone is afraid 2 lose you!


its bttr to wound urself to seek 4 d better..

rather dan continously being wounded by d one
u thought was d best..


I've always wanted a guy who can only stay
mad at me for 59 seconds..

because a minute w/o me is just too unbearable for him.


true love

s sumthing can't b xplained
w/ our lips nor can't b 4 gotten just
n a blink of an eye..
bt 1 thng 4xur, f u got sparted
frm each other, bcoz evrything has 8s own acceptance
s d only soluxion 2 heal ur wounds..


i don't need sum1 who is so matured 2
stop my immaturity

what i need is someone who can ride on my
immaturity & maturely understands me!


if he or she is not even afraid to lose you,

do you still find it wothwhile to stay?

obviously not dat worth!..


you can always love TWO at the same time..

ALways possible..but you can never love them both
on the same weight.


do u knw dat wen a prson apers in ur drems,
dat prson wants 2 see u?



it takes a thousand sweet efforts to build
a great relationship..

yet one stupid error can destroy evrything you have started..


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