Friday, November 13, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 104

Maybe the reason why i have
to stop loving a person,
is because FATE
chose both of us to be FRIENDS,

where forever is a lot more possible.


y 8s dat no matter how u try 2 4get
sumthng from ur past..

memories haunts u and find 8self

to be recalled :(


he was mine but not really,

i never really had him so i nver really
lost him

i guess, this is how we'll always be.

i had him, he had me..


why do things have to change when we
expect them to stay the same?

why do feelings remain the same
when things have already changed?


wen u say ur comited 2 sum1..

it doesn't necessarily mean ur nluv
wid d person..

feelings r very short lived..

u maybe nluv wid d prson now..
but sumtyms , u end up hating dat person.
comitment s not all about mere felings..
its about d need 2 be wid d person..
a need dat says
"no mater how had d weather might become willing to stay..


"if you love what you're doing, you'll never
get bored."

same with..
"if you love that someone, you'll nver get tired."


the easiest way not to get hurt is
not to care

but i guess thats the hardest thing to do either.


i never been brave in cupid's eyes
i tend to hide what i really feel,
pretend to be fine, despite the pain
deep within. now i've realized
"nobody has the right to hurt me,unless i take them
away my happiness"

-don't love just for the sake of having one
but love bcoz you know your partner is the right

Letting go is proper when you have already
shown how much u love person & still nothing
happend. It is proper when u know it in your heart
that u did your part, & even half of his
part, but all remained unreciprocated.
Letting go is not really giving up
on how feel about a certain person, it is sometimes
just choosing to love him from afar, just from afar
to save yourself from further trouble..


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