Monday, October 26, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 103

"Sumtyms, you find it hard to tell someone
about your feelings, until u realize that your
actions have already betrayed you."


true LOVE nver surrenders..

it might get tired but a little rest is enuf..

coz true love wud nver complain..

it wud always find a way to undrstand pain..


You might get attracted to another person,
bt you cant simply fall in love if someone else
has already taken your heart...


What WOMEN should know:

"a man who truly loves you will nver let you go,
no matter how hard the situation is."

What MEN should know:

" a woman who truly loves you will be angry at you
for so many things but will stil stick around"


..we don't need to explain how much we love a person,

it dpends on dem how they appreciate the efforts
that u did for them to be contented..


"Don't give meanings when someone treats you special..

because you might do some stupid things like..

falling in love...


id rather be with someone who's making my day irritating.

than to be at peace all day long and missing the person who irritates me.

he was mine but not really. I never reallu had him so
i never really lost him. I guess,this is how we;ll always be.
I had him, he had me but then again,

there's no "US" really.


A sweet line from a loved one:

I've come to u not to make u love me, but rather to make u realize that ure worth loving.


No matter how much you wanted to make a person happy, if you're not what she/he expected.. then none of your efforts would
make any difference


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