Monday, October 26, 2009

Inspirational Qoutest Text Messages 86

Seeking help is not a sign of ignorance

8s an intellectual act dat allows people 2 admit
that sum situations r not meant 2 b handled alone.


hiding up the pain inside is just like
tearing up your heart without even noticing it.


Sometimes, people choose to leave,

not because of selfish reasons,

but they just know,

that things will get worse,

if dey stay..


do you know why little boys are not allowd to play
dolls like barbie?

so that at a young age, they'd already know that girls
are not toys to be played.


"When something is over, it can nver start again,

when its broken, you can nver put back the pieces.
Life is not always the way you want it to be.

When you know that someone is hurting you so much,
just stop.
We know that it hurts a lot, but you must learn to let go
Don't push your self too hard, cause we all know that in
every ending,

there's such a thing that we call a NEW BIGGINING"


we are all capable of making ourselves happy,

but happiness is somewhat different when someone else does
it for us..


"of all goodbyes.. the kind which hurt the most was the one
your ears never heard of.. but your heart knew it was
already being said.."


wat if sum1 keeps distance from u?
will he/she be missed? will his/her worth be realized?
will his/her absense be notice?
Will it turn out good? or along with his/her disapperance
and silence will be d end of everything?

it's hard to accept dat sometimes, ur act of wanting some
space leads to a total END..


"The only way you'll know how important something is in your
life is when it gets taken away from you by someone
who can take good care of it better than you."


"sometyms you just have to let them win, because..

losing the argument is easier than losing them..


They say that those relationships which were formed
just right after a very short time of courting
are untrue and unjust..

i say.. " you don't have to eat an entire cake to know
if it tastes good..


Happiness s something between too little and too much.
May we have just enough wealth to meet our needs, enough
poverty to learn to work hard, enough blessing to know that
God loves us, enough problems so we don't forget him,
enough happiness to keep us sweet, enough trials to keep us
strong, enough hope to keep us happy, enough sorrow to keep
us human, what we are is God's gift to us but what
we become is our gift to God.!


if you feel stressed, give yourself a break.

eat some cake, ice cream, fruits, chocolates. or other desserts.


because stressed spelled backwards is




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