Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 80

you get into an atmosphere wer ppol
build u up rather than tear u down,
wer u ppol ncourage nd challnge u to
be the best u can be.

spend time wd pipol hu inspire u to reach
for new heights. SOAR WITH EAGLES RATHER


we always feel bad

that good things happen

only to "others".

but we always forget that we are "others"
for someone else..


"forget what if's..

because the more you ask yourself with
these, d more you're making yourself feel
that you made the wrong choice."


if thins are getting special,
it also gets confusing to know
if everything is going to be true.


always rmmber:

"the longer you stay w/ da things u don't really enjoy
equates to every moment you lose w/ wat
cud have been a happier one"

-do wat makes u hapi..


playing w/ a toy is a hbitual thing
to do we u'r a kid..

but playing w/ sum1 wen u're old enuf
is indeniably a sign of immaturity..


do u know wats hard after mking othr people

it's wen dey don't realize dat u also
need sum1 2 do d same..


evrythng dat God alows 2 come our
way is with a purpose

he uses even the greatest

error and depest hurt to mold us into
a person of worth and value..


"you will always see what's wrong when you are right

but you will never know which is right wen u are
happy doing wrong."


pipol easily do change.

wen deyr alone, dey knw u.

wen dey got no 1 bsyd dem, ur mportant.

bt wen dey found sm1 new, sm1 dey lyk,
dey just suddnly dnt nid u.


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