Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspirational Quotes Text Messages 79

As u observ a ricefield, u wud
notice w/c heads r bent 'n w/c ones stand
up straight.

well, d empty head r standing tall 'n high

but d heads dat r filled w/ grains r bending low.

indeed,' d true great n strong pipol r humble
n gentle.

n dey don't mind bowing low.


If you never met the devil on the road
of life, its probably because you are both
headed in the same direction..


d single hand dat wipes ur tears
during ur failures

is much better than the countless
hands that come 2geder 2 clap on ur success.


3 things in lyf dat never comes back wen gone:


3 things in lyf dat shud never be lost:


3 things in lyf dat are most valuable:


3 things dat makes a person:


3 things dat can destroy a person:


3 things in lyf dat are constant:


its true dat pipol can move on.


you can never deny the fact that only
erase memories."


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