Monday, July 13, 2009

Love Qoutes Text Messages 95

Sad but true:
Just wen u r sure u found true love..

u meet someone new dat makes u doubt..


no mattr hw secure u r n sm1's armas.
& no matter hw secure u r n sm1's arms,
& no mattr hw tytly u hold on 2 d prson's hand.

ul findurslf falling

unintentionally in-luv w/ sm1 else!


u have to learn that sometimes
it isn't LOVE. it's just a feeling -- a sudden
feeling & just overreacted.


wen we find sum1 whose weirdness is compatible
w/ ours, we join w/ dem & fall into mutually
satisfying weirdness & call it..



no one has d right to condemn us
on how we repair our hearts coz no one really knows
how much we're hurting.


why is dat sometimes,

wen we love someone..

we don't show it?

we don't let that special someone
feel it?

is it because of our pride?


fear of rejection?

or is it because of the simple fact that

we tend to deny ourselves of the things that make
us happy..

just to play it safe..and eliminate the possiblity
of getting hurt..


"from the beginning hearts were never meant
to be broken, and tears were never meant to fall..

these are just a product of a ruthless person
who doesn't care for u at all...

Even if you care for him/her so much.."


"don't mind the people who hurt you and give you pain..
just know how to balance the pressure..
pressure of being attractive to insecure people.."


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